Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V Down With Connectivity Issues This June 3 (Update 2)

Battlefield 2042 down

For those trying to log in and play Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V and seeing connection issues, it’s not just you, as DICE has acknowledged the BF2042 and BFV down reports that have surfaced online this June 3.

Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V Down Status and Updates for June 3:

Update 2: DICE has announced that the server issues for both games have been resolved!

The issues that had prohibited you from accessing #Battlefield2042 and #BattlefieldV have now been resolved, and we are once again seeing you jump back onto the battlefield.

We appreciate your patience, and we hope you still have a wonderful weekend supporting your squad

Update: DICE has issued a statement and confirmed that they are still working on the outage:

We continue to work on the ongoing service issue for #Battlefield2042 and #BattlefieldV across all platforms.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We’ll get you back onto the Battlefield as soon as possible.

We’ll update the article once more info is know.

Here’s the latest announcement from EA via the official Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter account:

We are aware of ongoing service issues with #Battlefield2042 and #BattlefieldV across all platforms.

The team is actively investigating this issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.

If necessary, we will relay any further updates.

Once more developments regarding the outage is known, we’ll update the article ASAP.

In the meantime, go chew on the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 patch notes to see all the new content and changes incoming this June 7.

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22 days ago

This game. Every weekend the hackers multiply with their aimbots and gadgets. And destroy the fun for almost every player.
These maps. Are to wide to open (still after 2042 updates) only portal has potential.
Every lesson learned from earlier BF’s is forgotten.
No team play.
No clan tags.
Nobody speaks anymore.

Its solo players & wannebee superheroes
Medics use to revive. But nowadays their k/d keeps them safe. They don’t move. Medics are modern day campers stashed with ammo & medic Kits.

There is no Battlefield fun.
Its a freakin nightmare of frustrations.
With hackers and no future for players who want to stay fair like before.

Battlefield V was the last Battlefield
Battlefield 1 was the best.
Bad Company set the benchmark.
And 1942 was the thing we all been waiting for.

But what the freakin hell is this never ending drama.
EA doesn’t care DICE has Lost their best devs.
Pull the plug rename this crap.
This destroys the last remains of once the greatest game ever.

Last edited 22 days ago by Carl_Kurtsz
Jimmy Doogs
Jimmy Doogs
Reply to  Carl_Kurtsz
22 days ago

2042 is one of the funnest FPSs. It rivals Apex and cod now. I personally think it’s more fun then those and bfv now.

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