Battlefield 2042: DICE Looking to Matchmake Console Players Against Each Other More Often, Improvements to Aim Assist Incoming

battlefield 2042 console players

For console Battlefield 2042 players who want to crossplay with just console gamers, there’s not really an option to do that. While console to console crossplay isn’t incoming anytime soon, DICE did acknowledge that they are looking at ways so that console gamers will matchmake against other console gamers more often.

This was revealed by Battlefield Community Manager Kevin Johnson (posting as T0TALfps) in a reply to a Reddit thread where he corrected the erroneous thread title (which was based on something that was shared in the latest devstream). In it, Johnson confirmed that the dev team is looking at ways to ensure console players matchmake with other console players more often during the matchmaking process. In addition to that, DICE is also looking at improvements on how aim assist functions as well.

We currently have no plans to have console crossplay off by default, it is our intent that all players should feel encouraged to play with all platforms and be able to find friends and experience Battlefield 2042 with all players. But more importantly, they should feel as though they’re able to compete against all platforms.

So we’ve been looking at changes to improve that, and we’ll continue to look at it.

We have been making changes to ensure Battlefield 2042 becomes fairer when it comes to using a controller, through stuff like Uniform Soldier Aiming, Aim Down Sight Field of View alterations, and in the future – improvements to how Aim Assist functions.

We will also be looking at ways to ensure console players matchmake with other consoles players more during the matchmaking process, as we hear individuals stating that they feel this isn’t happening.

As someone who wants to just play Battlefield 2042 against other console gamers on other platforms, I cannot wait for this to be implemented.

Do you want DICE to matchmake console players against other console gamers more often or it’s fine the way it is now?

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14 days ago

They promised anti-cheat.

We didn’t get it. Why would I want crossplay with PC?

Why not make console cross play only? I have no problem with my rival Xbox players. It’s the PC cheaters that ruin the game for everyone. It’s even worse when they’re on my team stealing kills from better players.

Last edited 14 days ago by Brian
14 days ago

Dice please make this happen I’m tired of cheaters on pc that’s why I play the ps4 version when I’m a ps5 owner

14 days ago

It seems like they don’t understand exactly what the community is saying. No shocker there, I know. Battlefield was working. The player base would’ve been fine had they made a lot wiser choices leading up till now. No one wants to game head on with PC players, period. This isn’t fair to console and won’t continue to be because you’ll have to give the PC players their wants and needs as well.

It’s best to close network and let Xbox and Playstation in the same games. Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t want to game with their advantages, never had. Before you go around thinking that I am just a console player complaining, just know, you have that very wrong. I’ve gamed on both Xbox and PC. I can tell you that PC has a commanding advantage over consoles, period. Scrap this way before your next game release and do it soon. As it stands, Battlefield remains dead moving forward.

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