Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Early Weapon Feedback and Upcoming Changes Outlined by DICE

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 weapon feedback

While DICE rolled out a new map and weapons in Battlefield 2042’s Season 5 update, there wasn’t really any weapon adjustments made. Well, that’s going to change soon, as DICE has revealed some of the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 early weapon feedback they’ve seen, and confirmed that changes will be coming in a future update.

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Early Weapon Feedback and Upcoming Changes:

Here’s the announcement from the studio:

To make the tweet chain an easier read, we’ve compiled all the weapon feedback messages below.


Assault Rifle Dispersion:

As part of a future update, we’ll be targeting your feedback about burst firing with Assault Rifles.

The dispersion delay currently experienced is not intended, and we’ll be reducing the Dispersion Delay by half.

We’ll also be making changes to some Assault Rifles that are in the extremes of the maximum and minimal possible dispersion rates. With an intent to compress them further, so that they perform in their intended ranges.

Expect a full list at a later date.


As previously indicated, the changes in Update 5.0 would not be the last for the RM68

This weapon will be receiving a reduction of the 4HK range by 10m for Standard & High Power ammo, and removed from CQB ammo

We’ll also be reducing the bullet velocity by 90.

That’s it for now!

While this season has only just begun, we’re already working and acting upon your feedback and making changes where possible

We look forward to sharing more news on when to expect these changes and more, in the future, but for now:

See you on the Battlefield

No word yet on when we’ll be getting this update, but not anytime soon, as we just got the Season 5 patch this week. Speaking of which, you can read the stealth changes (read: undocumented adjustments) made by DICE in the Season 5 patch right here.

Source: Battlefield Comms (Twtter)

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15 days ago

Here is an update.

Bullets still fly trough rocks, mountains, containers.

Games suddenly come to an end just before then end of a game. Game end players are removed. So you cannot finish or start a decent game. (Portal)

Hackers with aim bot. Keyboard warriors and campers. They were not important back in the days. Now rhey take away your positions.

Revive? Just a few guys & dolls are heroes. They let you die. The teamwork is gone. Your squad mates are divided and do not understand aquad play. Everybody plays solo.
Everybody wants to be a hero.

“Connection lost”

……”Spawn” …. Dead……… 🥸
“Vehicle spawn”……. dead.

No safe spawn cost you 7 lives a game.

You throw 20 grenades. 1 – 2 – 3 Explode in your face. Blown up by your own explosions. Bounched against a “glitch”

Spottend enemies trough things. Point distantie? Whatever you point. It markt your spot. And doesn’t allow to point in distance.

2042 updates. It became even worse.
2042 it represents the future. Battlefield succes was with “the past” some kind of realism or Hardcore.
Based on the great war. WWII Vietnam.
That playerbase is swept away by bad quality.

2042 a solo wannebee superhero game. That has not even a Battlefield worthy TTK and a bad hit reg.

Reply to  Carl_Kurtsz
14 days ago

It’s the worst to date. They need some serious help, real soon.

14 days ago

Did they address the PC crossplay advantage? If not, console players will stay away from it. It’s best if you get on that soon…..

……and I mean REAL SOON!

K. Tanner
K. Tanner
Reply to  Anthony
12 days ago

I am a Combat Veteran. During my 3 deployments I carried a “M240 G” Machine Gun; otherwise known among Battlefield Veterans as the M240 B (Bravo) .
I highly encourage Battlefield Development Team and EA to take a good hard look at their “Bipod” and how much more realistic Battlefield 3 and 4 represented stability and minimal movement from a fixed position. Furthermore, realism in similar realstic combat simulators “Insurgency Sandstorm” and the damage system from bullets and explosives, with overall Bipod stability during combat intergrated into Battlefield ……would completely make the franchise unstoppable and in my experience, increase its player base.

Thankyou for your time

Sgt Tanner, US Army

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