Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Stealth Changes Listed, Community Calendar for Events Launched

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Stealth Changes

If you’ve been keeping tabs on every new Battlefield 2042 patch , chances are you’ve seen us post a stealth changes list, or changes not listed in the official patch notes before. Well, that hasn’t changed, as we have the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 stealth changes list from the other day’s patch roll out!

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Stealth Changes:

All stealth changes that community found out about:

  • #1 Chat font became thicker and clearer
  • #2 Several of the vault assault rifles seem to have improved reload animations, with new little jitters and movements
  • #3 Friendly claymore lasers are now green
  • #4 Paik has re-recorded voicelines in the menu (a more serious tone finally) and new voicelines in the pre-match
  • #5 DLSS has been updated to v2.5 finally
  • #6 From what I’ve seen, adding PVP AI now drops the XP to restricted in Portal, even without changing any other settings. RIP PVE progression.
  • #7 SU-57 has improved acceleration and deceleration sounds
  • #8 The loading screens now have quotes and other lore pieces as small text at the bottom center.
  • #9 NVK Shotgun/Pistol exclusive optic had its reticle changed to a single blue dot.
  • #10 All vault weapons support skins, not just the ones being given the 2042 attachments.
  • #11 You can now customise the chat window and make it wider/bigger. New icons for certain gadgets, for example the mines.
  • #12 Blasco’s mastery was changed to “spots blocked or enemies disrupted”. 8000 needed for T1 now.
  • #13 Aim assist changes/improvements? Not sure but feels like it.
  • #14 Aim assist now affects even sniper scopes. (I consider it absolutely wrong idea)
  • #15 Even when considering the removal of the HB, many if not all vault ARs have new damage drop-offs.MTAR and ACW both have a 4HK range now. MTAR also has it’s bugged hipfire removed. ACW-R has near SMG hipfire now.
  • #16 Portal experiences with no modifiers and default PvP AI no longer grant ribbon and mastery XP at all, neither do they progress weekly missions like they used to before this update.
  • #17 online friend list ingame are now sorted by status ingame. previously need to scroll down to find that particular friend to join them
  • #18 The M416 no longer has the Holosight attachment, for some reason?
  • #19 [NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] Anti Tank Mines “appear” to have been nerfedUPDATE: not it’s not. Works fine as before.
  • #20[NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] Portal AI don’t grant anything towards weapon attachments. Super rough for those of us in unpopulated regions.
  • #21 Boris got a secret buff/change. Sentry turret has higher RPM, but less health in general. It can finally kill something again and takes less bullets to destroy an enemy turret.
  • #22 Falck has new voice lines. She is shouting some lines in German now, representing here origin
  • #23 [NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] MBTs feel more agile, still testing
  • #24 Jets now track kills while destroying vehicles instead of vehicles destroyed
  • #25 switching guns with laser on gives little turn off beepnot sure if its old tho
  • #26 Melee now has a slight amount of tracking a la BF1. Not too much, feels right for 2042.
  • #27 Ai soldier squad mates can ping now
  • #28 This might just be me but Boris’ pose on the main menu feels slightly different compared to before, at least with LMGs
  • #29 Tank shells renamed. MPAT to 120mm smoothbore MPAT and so on for the rest, I would assume.
  • #30 M16A3 lost the regular US Reflex, and new attachments show the front iron sight. Not sure if this was in patch notes or not.
  • #31 [PERSISTENT BUG] HDR is still broken on PC from when 4.2.0 patch came out
  • #32 [BUG REINTRODUCED] unable to aim down site of AEK (haven’t tested others yet, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be all the Vault weapons) after exiting vehicle.
  • #33 Chat is bigger on wide screen
  • #34 The Air-to-Ground Missile no longer locks onto empty vehicles but will keep the lock if the enemy player leaves the vehicle during the lock sequence. – This was supposed to be in 5.0 but I tested and I can lock onto empty vehicles just fineUpdated: This is only affecting the Jet AGM
  • #35 Attack helicopter flight mechanics have absolutely been reworked. Feels much lighter and nimble. Likely to offset the new AA weaponry.
  • #36 30mm regular AA cannon has been buffed against land vehicles. Tier 1 wildcat here.Also the 35mm wildcat cannon sucks. It hits hard but has so much lead it’s only good at very close range against air targets.
  • #37 EBLC ram now allows smoke and APS. previously you could only get one.
  • #38 [BUG INTRODUCED] when getting revived in some game modes, you still come back to life with your camera turned all the way down. Bug’s been there since S3 at least.

Chances are, there are more stealth changes, and once more are added, we’ll update the article.

In addition to that, DICE has also updated the official Battlefield website with the “Community Calendar.” In it, players will be able to see the upcoming playlist rotations, double XP events and more that’s planned for the month.

Check out what’s incoming for June (via AppleBox):


In other Battlefield 2042 news, DICE has disable profile stat tracking temporarily due to an issue. However, the Conquest tickets for new map Reclaimed has been hiked up to 1000.

Thanks, ANGRYlalocSOLDIE!

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