Bloober Team Teases New Layers of Fear Project Running on Unreal Engine 5

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear fans may be excited by this news, as Bloober Team has begun teasing a new Layers of Fear project, running completely on Unreal Engine 5. Here’s the first teaser giving us a glimpse at what the title has in store for it’s next-gen outing.

Down below you’ll find the teaser trailer, and although the project does not have a name yet, you will find plenty of clues scattered throughout the teaser.

Layers of Fear Teaser Trailer

Accompanying the video is an overview released by the Bloober Team that recaps and describes the series thus far.

The first Layers of Fear, released in 2016, made waves in the gaming industry with its unique take on the first-person psychological horror experience told from the point of view of a painter obsessively trying to finish his Magnum Opus—no matter the cost. This award-winning title successfully created a new direction for both the Bloober Team studio and the psychological horror genre that increased its popularity in the mainstream gaming community. Layers of Fear was later expanded with a story DLC titled Inheritance.

Sadly, no further details were revealed outside of the teaser. no platforms, nor target release date, though we suspect a full reveal to be happening real soon. For now, we’ll just have to piece together all the clues found throughout the teaser trailer. And in case you missed it, be sur to read up on our Layers of Fears 2 review!

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