Final Fantasy 16: Best Accessories to Equip

final fantasy 16 best accessories

Final Fantasy 16 (styled as Final Fantasy XVI) offers the ability to customize your playstyle through the use of accessories—pieces of gear that you can equip that grant various effects. Final Fantasy 16’s best accessories not only improve your combat proficiency but also make the game easier to progress in. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best accessories that you can get throughout your journey across Valisthea.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Accessories:

Cleric’s Medallion/High Cleric’s Medallion

This accessory boosts the potency of your potions by 20% and high potions and 25%, respectively. This boost goes a long way, especially when fighting against bosses that take a while to defeat. In prolonged boss fights, it becomes a battle of attrition, where you’re trying to beat it before you run out of potions to heal yourself with. Of course, avoiding damage via dodging, parrying, or countering is ideal, but you’re bound to get hit quite a bit, especially against bosses you’re encountering for the first time. In situations like this, the medallions are especially valuable, so consider using them when fighting a tough boss.

Ultimate Ability Accessories

Plenty of accessories give a bonus effect to certain abilities in FF16, and you’ll find quite a few of them throughout the story. While some are useful for particular playstyles, accessories that give bonuses to ultimate abilities are especially helpful. Ultimate abilities, or high-cooldown abilities with powerful effects (such as Pheonix’s Flames of Rebirth), are incredibly impactful in fights, and using accessories to reduce their cooldown time allows you to get in a couple of extra uses of the abilities during a boss fight, or when dealing with waves of enemies.

On Fortune and the Heavens

On Fortune and the Heavens is an accessory that boosts the amount of EXP you receive. As EXP can be a bit difficult to farm outside of the main story, getting any form of EXP boost can go a long way. On Fortune and the Heavens gives you a whopping 15% EXP boost, and the amount of bonus EXP you receive adds up over time, so it’s something you’ll want to wear as soon as you can get it.

The Wages of Warcraft

The Wages of Warcraft is another non-combat accessory that, instead of boosting EXP, boosts the amount of Ability Points you get from “normal encounters,” or simple combat encounters. They won’t grant you bonuses from, say, main story quests, but it’s still worth using, especially if you’re just a few points away from upgrading or unlocking an ability.

Berserker Ring

The Berserker Ring is arguably one of the most powerful accessories in FF16. It temporarily boosts your attack proficiency whenever you use a precision dodge. With the ring equipped, you get a flashy animation whenever you use a precision dodge, and the next few attacks you dish out following the dodge do more damage. It’s an accessory that you’ll definitely want to have regardless of the build you’re going for.

Special Mention: Timely Accessories

The Timely Accessories are special accessories that you unlock at the beginning of the game. They alter your gameplay by making combat easier, giving you prompts for dodge windows, making combos possible with the press of a button, and so on. They can be mixed and matched to suit your preferred playstyle. Here’s a list of all of them and what they do:

  • Ring of Timely Evasion – Causes Clive to dodge attacks automatically.
  • Ring of Timely Focus – Slows down time and displays a button prompt before getting struck by an attack.
  • Ring of Timely Strikes – Allows you to execute attacks with a single button.
  • Ring of Timely Assistance – Causes Torgal to perform actions automatically.
  • Ring of Timely Healing – Uses potions automatically when low on health.

Of course, using these accessories does make the game significantly easier, as they’re effectively meant to serve as FF16’s “Easy Mode,” so keep that in mind when equipping them.

And that’s about it! There are many, many viable accessories in FF16, so this list isn’t an objective one. Remember, your accessories should complement your build, so choose those that give you the edge you need in combat.

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