Final Fantasy 16 Day One Update Revealed; Not Needed to Play the Game

Despite announcing that there wouldn’t be one, the development team behind Final Fantasy 16 has confirmed that there will indeed be a FF16 day one update, though a minor one at that. 

This was confirmed in the special pre-launch live stream that aired today, where game’s producer Naoki Yoshida noted that an update would be available on day one for physical owners, while digital owners could expect it to be either included in the pre-load once that becomes available or at least be downloaded and ready before launch. While the team initially stated that there wouldn’t be a day one update previously, Yoshi-P did apologize to the fans for previously saying there wouldn’t be a day one update, though they did confirm that the update wouldn’t be required to play the game and that it was only a minor update. 

“What we just want everyone to know is that this update will come before the day one release. So if you have the digital version and you’ve already downloaded on the system and if your PS5 is hooked up to the internet, it will download this automatically, and it will be ready for day one so people will be ready to play as soon as the game unlocks. Also, this is a very, very minor issue, and so even if you don’t get the update, you will still be able to play the base game. This is a rapid patch, so it’s not necessary to actually play the game. So those of you who don’t have an internet connection, and maybe can’t get it in time, you will still be able to play the game.”

Below are the official day one update patch notes that were revealed during the stream. 

Final Fantasy 16 Day One Update Patch Notes

  • Fix a control flag issue that can make progress impossible under very specific circumstances.
  • Fix an issue wherein the game close unexpectedly under very specific circumstances.
  • Optimize performance in several places
  • Fix some minor text errors

That seems to be it. Once the patch is live, we’ll let our readers know. 

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9 days ago

It might not be needed to play or required if you get a early copy, but technically as soon as you sign in to PSN the update file will automatically download and install unless you pause the download process and play post patch. Based off the patchnotes not sure why anyone wouldn’t want the most recent update.

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