Final Fantasy 16 Discs Being Sold Ahead of Street Date, Be Wary of Spoilers

While Final Fantasy 16 (Final Fantasy XVI) won’t officially be released until June 22, it seems that some players have managed to grab a copy ahead of the planned launch date. Images of Final Fantasy 16 discs have been uploaded to social media, and that means the possibility of early spoilers.

An image of a Final Fantasy 16 physical copy was posted on a ResetEra thread about the game:

final fantasy 16 physical copy 1

The cover art is one we’ve already seen before, featuring the protagonist, Clive, in the background as his younger brother Joshua is surrounded by flames in front of him. The Eikon Ifrit can also be seen behind Clive.

Another image uploaded by CivilianGosu on Reddit reveals the contents of the case:

We see the disc for Final Fantasy 16, of course, as well as the uploader’s dog staring from behind the case, but what’s really worth mentioning is the Final Fantasy 14 leaflet on the left. While we don’t get to see the text in full, it likely reads “Download the free trial from the PlayStation Store.” This ad placement may seem odd to some, but FF16 and FF14 were both created by the same team, Creative Business Unit III. Key figures in the FF14 dev team were also part of FF16’s development, including Naoki Yoshida as Producer, Koji Fox as Localization Director, and Masayoshi Soken as the game’s composer.

As some players are likely playing through FF16’s story right now, spoilers featuring gameplay footage and story elements may crop up on social media in the coming days, so keep that in mind as you scroll through your feed. Final Fantasy 16 launches this June 22 on the PS5.

Source: Reddit, 4chan via ResetEra

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10 days ago

I figured as much, ma and pa shops oftentimes sell games early for extra money. You can also import non localized copies via digital marketplace like Play-Asia website or with an alternate account on PSN because current gen has no region restrictions or region locks “games are compatible between accounts from different regions.
It’s not against the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct playing before release if you paid for it, It’s against streaming services Terms of Services streaming before release.

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