Final Fantasy 16 Leaked Physical Copies Being Investigated by Square Enix, Will Takedown Early Images, Vids and Streams

Just yesterday, we posted that there are Final Fantasy 16 (Final Fantasy XVI) discs that have been sold a week early breaking the game’s June 22 street date. Square Enix has acknowledged the Final Fantasy 16 leaked physical copies and has issued a statement.

According to the company, they are investigating what happened and are trying to limit “illegitimate acquisitions.” They are also asking those who got an early copy to not share screenshots, videos or livestream it. Check out the complete statement below.

We’re aware that a small number of physical copies of Final Fantasy XVI are being circulated. We are in the process of a thorough investigation into the illegitimate acquisitions and are acting out to limit this ahead of the official launch of the game on June 22nd.

For those who receive a copy ahead of launch, we kindly ask that you do not share any aspect of the game; including screenshots, videos and livestreams until after Final Fantasy XVI has officially launched.

Our priority is to ensure that the full game experience is not spoiled for our fans, and to do that we will be taking down any images, videos or streams published ahead of launch day.

We ask for your assistance and cooperation in this final week ahead of launch.

It’s almost June 22nd, and we can’t wait for you to experience the full game the way the development team intended.

The Final Fantasy XVI Team

We’re not sure how many copies were leaked ahead of release, but if there’s a lot, keeping tabs on each and every leak will be very, very hard — especially in this day and age where everything gets shared.

With just a week to go, we suggest not going into message boards or places where details about the game might get leaked. I mean, there’s a demo for it out anyway, so people can just opt to play that instead.

Final Fantasy 16 will be out this June 22 on the PS5.

Source: Final Fantasy XVI (Facebook)

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10 days ago

It’s not against the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct playing before release if you paid for it, it’s against streaming services Terms of Services streaming before release. Ma and pa shops oftentimes sell games early for extra money or Amazon ships orders out early. Most highly anticipated games people get early copies, why is Square acting all surprised.
You can get digital as well, because current gen has no #BLUS numbers, region restrictions or region locks and games are compatible between accounts from different regions. That or, get a non localized copy from Play-Asia website.

I’ve been on PSN since the beginning of the PS3 era i know how it works, im also an avid trophy hunter who knows how players import games and multi platinum the same game just from different regions.

It’s not against the Terms of Services or Code of Conduct playing before release “if you paid for it”

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