Final Fantasy 16 Performance Updates, Motion Blur Options and More in the Works

Square Enix says they’re working on updates to improve the frame rate of Final Fantasy 16 while also confirming a number of other features and issues that are being looked into ahead of launch.

As revealed during the Q&A section of the special pre-launch FF16 stream, the development team took to answering a question about frame rate drops that players noticed during the demo, acknowledging and saying that they would be working on updates addressing this issue for the final release.

“We will be working on updates to improve frame rate. Currently, we find that frame rate is dropping in areas where there’s a lot of characters are being shown on screen, such as towns. We’re going to be working on this and further optimizing the game moving forward, so please don’t worry about that.” Localization Director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox clarified.

While they did confirm that a day one update would come that would bring some of those changes, the wording used by them did indicate that we would see multiple updates around performance improvements.

But performance improvements won’t be the only thing possibly coming with future FF16 updates, as the team has heard players complain about the motion blur. Options to adjust and even turn it off are being looked into, as well as camera options such as turning speed and the ability to turn auto-follow off.

One other thing that players have asked for is the addition of a mini-map. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be a feature they’re going to add, as they noted that they decided against this due to players’ focus on the mini-map during exploration rather than the world itself. Post-demo areas will allow you to use the touchpad to bring up the map, but otherwise, there are no plans to add a mini-map., They did, however, say that they are considering more binding options.

Elsewhere, the team also confirmed that they’re currently investigating crash reports from the demo, and as a possible remedy that worked for some, suggested players clean their PS5 air vents from potential dust build-up from years of use. Again, they’re looking into this issue, along with PlayStation to see what is the cause of these crashes.

Glad to see they’re working on more updates, and hopefully, a number of performance issues will be worked out in the day one patch.

Final Fantasy 16 is set for release this June 22 on the PS5.

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