Layers of Fear Unreal Engine 5 Tech Showcase Details Terrifying New Graphics & Tech Improvements

layers of fear

Bloober Team has released a Layers of Fear Unreal Engine 5 tech showcase video, detailing the game’s immensely-improved, horrifyingly-realistic visuals, and the advanced graphics technology used in the new title. Using the powerful Lumen illumination system and Niagara VFX tech, the developer’s reimagination of the original games provides a superlative horror experience in terms of gameplay immersion and design depth.

Watch the tech showcase video below:

Bloober Team and Anshar Studios’ Layers of Fear combines both games in the franchise into a seamless, refreshed experience. Switching to Unreal Engine 5 for its advanced graphical systems and powerful controls, the developers have managed to massively improve the graphics while remaining faithful to and heightening the ambience and paranoia that the original visuals convey. A 4K HDR experience has been promised on both PC and consoles, with support for NVIDIA DLSS and Intel XeSS on the former.

Unreal Engine 5‘s systems lent themselves well to the layered, puzzle-based gameplay of the title and its development, but the Lumen illumination and Niagara VFX systems (along with hardware ray tracing) allowed the developers to particularly enhance the presentation and realism in each scene. Two comparisons of a given original scene versus the reimagined version are shared below:

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Layers of Fear releases in June 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned here at MP1st for all upcoming news and announcements about the game.

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