XDefiant Dev Doesn’t Want the Game to Be Seen as a “Call of Duty Killer,” Thinking of Ways “Outside the Box” to Celebrate Streaks

If you’ve been keeping tabs of XDefiant, played the beta or have read about the game online, chances are, you’ve seen or heard people mention its similarities to Call of Duty. Not only that, but some have even tagged the game as a “Call of Duty killer.

If you’re not a fan of that idea, it seems this is something the game’s Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, isn’t warm about, either.

For reference, Rubin was also the Executive Producer of the Call of Duty franchise.

While the game’s devs might not want XDefiant to be branded as a Call of Duty killer or whatnot, it seems that some kind of “streaks” (killstreak, scorestreak) rewards system will be part of the final version of XDefiant. This was confirmed by Rubin who also mentioned that they don’t want to implement a traditional streaks system like Call of Duty.

As for “thinking outside the box” thing, your guess is as good as mine as to what it can be. Perhaps more XP gained for going on streaks? Hopefully, it’s something that will benefit the player in a match though won’t be too overpowered.

Finally, Rubin has also reached out to people on Twitter to ask about the XDefiant Prestige system, and whether players would want a traditional 10 levels of Prestige, or one that refreshes every season.

Cast your vote if you want your voice to be heard about the game’s Prestige system.

While there’s no official release date for XDefiant outside of “summer,” the devs have shared the Year 1 roadmap and there seems to be a lot of stuff incoming to the game every month!

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