Battlefield 2042: DICE Explains Why Only Engineers Have Anti-Tank Grenades

battlefield 2042 season 5 pre-load

Earlier this year, DICE rolled out a patch that a lot of Battlefield 2042 fans were looking forward to given it reworked specialists into classes. Unfortunately, one byproduct of that massive change is this meant that not every specialist/class can equip anti-tank grenades.

In a roundtable group Q&A conducted by EA as part of the Season 5 reveal which MP1st was a part of, DICE was asked what the intent of the studio was in making the anti-tank grenade exclusive to the Engineer class.

Here’s what Sam Vanta, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, had to say about the topic:

Hey, sure- so I think it’s important to bearin mind the journey 2042 has been on. We went out the door with Specialists which had access to all of the equipment in the game, which ultimately led to the negative sentiment in that players felt the class based gameplay had been lost- to which in update 3.2.0 we went back to the drawing board on this and began adding gadget restrictions in place. The anti-tank grenade speaks to the class fantasy of the engineer and is significant in its impact ingame. The risk we run by enabling this grenade to all classes is that every class is suddenly back to having an effective anti-vehicle answer which runs counter intuitive to the rework. Equally the meta of the game is important to us, this is something we’ll continue to evaluate going into Season 5 based on feedback and telemetry.

The good news here is, DICE seems open to the idea of changing this if the feedback and data align. That said, the studio does have a point since it does make the rework kind of moot if they do this.

In other news, Battlefield 2042’s Season 5 won’t be the last support we from DICE, as the studio confirmed they are working no new content beyond the upcoming season. Speaking of which, Season 5 launches next week on June 7, and you can read all the new stuff incoming with it here.

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