Battlefield 2042 Profile Stat Tracking Disabled Temporarily Due to an Issue, Reclaimed CQ Tickets Increased

Battlefield 2042 Profile Stat Tracking

Those diving into Battlefield 2042 to experience the new map and improvements in Season 5, don’t be surprised to see if some of your stats aren’t tracking. In a new announcement today, DICE revealed that due to issues, Battlefield 2042 profile stat tracking has been temporarily disabled.

This announcement was made via the official Battlefield Communications Twitter account, which also mentioned that this doesn’t affect Battle Pass, Mastery and Career Rank.

Another thing DICE did today is increase the Conquest ticket number in Season 5 map, Reclaim. Now, players have a longer time to wage war, as tickets has been increased from 700 to 1000!

Another thing that was announced today by the studio is how DLSS has been updated in Season 5! You should also check out the “Veteran Pack” that can be obtained by completing a certain assignment.

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