Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Map “Reclaimed” Will Only Be for 64 Players, Can Feature 128 Players in BF Portal

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Map

For those players who find 128-player maps a bit too daunting, we have some good news for you, as DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 map “Reclaimed” will only be available for 64 players in All-Out Warfare! Not only that, but it will also not feature jets.

This was confirmed by DICE in a Discord Q&A for Season 5 that MP1st took part in. In it, DICE confirmed that Reclaimed was designed to be a 64-player map from the start. Here’s what Shashank Uchil, DICE Associate Level Design Director, had to say about it:

The level was designed to be played with 65 players from the start.

a really nice map, restricted and with close range areas and other open ones, suitable for every playstyle and without useless or dispersive areas. I don’t think it will exist in a 128 player version. It’s perfect at 64. You can also feel the BF4 vibes.

Yes 128 players on this level is only supported on Portal.

As you can see from Uchil’s comments, Reclaimed can be played with 128 players but in Battlefield Portal.

Stay tuned to the full Q&A where DICE talks about weapons, vehicle adjustments and more.

BF2042 Season 5 will be out this June 7 and you can read up on the patch notes for it right here.

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22 days ago

Zavod revisited….

22 days ago

128 players.
AS soon as i heared that. I knew it would be chaos.

We came from 32
Went to 64. But the maps grew sort of with it.
With obstacles, nature formed rock etc.

These devs have no clue about the details that made this game great. So a map for 64. Thats a nice step. No lets see how this maps holds. Or it will Come close to any legendary state.

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