Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Q&A – DICE Talks Weapons, Balancing and More (Update)

battlefield 2042 season 5 Q&A

In case you didn’t know, Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn is launching this June 7. Before the season starts, MP1st had the chance to attend a Discord Q&A for Season 5 where DICE developers answered a few questions from the gaming press and content creators.

The DICE devs who attended the event are: Core Gameplay Designer Sam Vanta, Producer Ben Walke, Associate Level Design Director Shashank Uchil, Weapons Designer Alexander Formoso, Technical Director Kevin Moore and Designer of “heavy metals” at DICE, “Eddie” or also known as ArmoredKill.

(Update: EA has contacted us to take down the Q&A. We’ve included the tl;dr version of it courtesy of quickarm23):

•Anti tank grenade is only for engineer to fulfill the “class fantasy”

•They have future plans to rework/change specialists, similar to what they did for dozer and Irish. They are looking for feedback on both Crawford and Boris currently.

•New jets rockets are described as “anti vehicles and decent vs infantry”.

•Are considering changes/buffs for the main battle tanks

•Sidearm vault weapons will be getting some attachments later in season 5.

•No new vault weapons will be coming in season 5, they said “we’re focused on bringing all attachments to our vault weapons before we bring anymore of those across”.

•”They said we do have a desire to make urban maps as much as all of you” when asked about why there has not been any in 2042.

•Apparently the movement tweaks were implemented in the footage shared by YouTubers/EA creators.

•Breakthrough will not be available for custom editing in portal.

We’d like to thank DICE and EA for inviting us to the Season 5 preview Battlefield 2042 Season 5 launches this June 7. You can read up on the official patch notes for it here.

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22 days ago

Do you have any plans for year2?

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