Destiny 2 Server Connection Issues Arises With “Baboon,” “Weasel” and “Loganberry” Error Codes Surfacing This June 25 (Update)

Destiny 2 Server Connection

Those running into Destiny 2 server issues or finding multiple people saying the game is down, it’s an on-going issue that’s plaguing console and PC players currently. Destiny 2 error codes “Baboon,” “Weasel” and “Loganberry” are some of the things players are seeing this June 25.

Destiny 2 Server Connection Issues and Down Reports of Error Codes This June 25:

Update: Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 is undergoing maintenance due to the errors. You can keep track of the downtime right here.

Here’s the announcement from the official Bungie Support Twitter account:

For reference, here’s what each error code means (via PCGamesN):

Error code baboon

Error code baboon is caused by a failure to connect to another user’s PC/console. It can be due to poor connection quality, so ensure that your home network equipment is set up correctly, and is free of faults.

Error code weasel

Error code weasel is, in Bungie’s words, an ‘all-encompassing’ error message that usually means you’re experiencing a general network issue. It can also indicate an account ban if you were in the middle of an activity when the ban occurred, although this appears to be a rare occurrence.

As you can see, Bungie is still investigating, which means the errors are still there. We’ll update the article once more info is know about it, so refresh this article from time to time.

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