Warzone Season 4 DMZ Update Detailed; Modern Warfare 2 S4 Multiplayer Trailer Features New Content

Warzone Season 4 DMZ

After revealing the release date and a lot of content information for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 yesterday, Infinity Ward doubled down by dropping a plethora of information about Warzone 2 (now known as “Warzone”) DMZ!  There’s a massive amount of intel that talks about the Warzone DMZ Season 4 update plans (which we will go into detail), a Modern Warfare 2 S4 multiplayer trailer featuring new maps and fresh firepower.

Warzone Season 4 DMZ Update Info, Modern Warfare 2 S4 Multiplayer Trailer


Check out the brand new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Launch Trailer featuring the new map and all the new guns coming to Season 4, which starts June 14:


Additionally, here’s the Sound of Vondel soundtrack which is produced by Oliver Heldens and Infinity Ward, hitting the streets of Vondel on June 14:


Here’s a rundown of all the content revealed in the DMZ Season 4 Community Update.

New DMZ Content Coming to Season 4

Firstly, there will be a revamp of the DMZ menus to help improve navigation and add brand-new features.

 New DMZ menu will contain the following areas:

  • Missions Objectives (mission select)
  • Location Objectives (map challenges)
  • Forward Operating Base (upgrade objectives)
  • Notes (collection)

Forward Operating Base (FOB):

The FOB is a central hub for DMZ. Operators will complete objectives at the FOB in order to unlock upgrades across DMZ. Unlike the Faction Missions in previous DMZ Seasons, the FOB objectives are passive and will not require players to equip them in order to make progress in Season 04.

The FOB is divided into four categories of upgrades (elements of which are shown in the image above, for exemplary purposes only):

  • Weapons Locker
  1. Insured Weapon Slots
  2. Insured Weapon cooldown time
  3. Contraband weapon stash size increases
  • Stash
  1. Wallet Unlock
  2. Wallet capacity
  3. Key and Contraband Stash Size increases
  • Bounty Board
  1. Personal Exfil
  2. Barter recipes
  3. Buy Station discounts
  • Communications Station
  1. Urgent Missions access

This change will give players the incentive to advance through DMZ more quickly and effectively than the previous Faction Mission structures. However, players who want to play the Faction Missions can still do so as they will still be available in the Mission Objectives menu, and will be integral to earning new Faction Reputation.

Urgent Missions:

Players who are willing to grind out additional Faction Reputation can do so thanks to the newly introduced Urgent Missions in Season 04. Urgent Missions will be limited-time missions and can be unlocked through the upgrade objectives in the FOB.

Urgent Missions will rotate daily, offering constant rewards for operators.


Warzone Season 4 DMZ

Alongside Urgent Features, Infinity Ward has also introduced a highly requested feature, the Wallet. Wallet will give players the ability to exfil and store cash outside of the world. Through this, operators can keep all the cash they exfiltrate with and opt to utilize it in another infiltration.

Cash earned inside the Exclusion Zones can now be spent to complete missions or objectives. The Wallet is unlocked and can be upgraded through the FOB objectives.

Refreshed and New Missions:

Warzone Season 4 DMZ
  • Warzone Season 4 DMZ will entail multiple new and reworked missions, as well as the always active objectives in the FOB.
  • Story missions will now be unlocked by gaining Faction Reputation through standard or urgent mission completion only.
  • New mission sets are designed to work in multiple Exclusion Zones in the DMZ.

Vondel: New Exclusion Zone:

Warzone Season 4 DMZ
  • All-new Exclusion Zone with new rewards and challenges, including a new boss and a Weapons Case
  • Vondel is larger than the Ashika Island
  • Infiltrations will be of the same size – 18 operators or six squads
  • Exclusive new DMZ contract – Signal Intelligence – Hack into phones to gain access to cash rewards from other contracts in the area

Dynamic Fog:

Warzone Season 4 DMZ

The dynamic fog system will be introduced in Season 04 only in Vondel. Due to its location below sea level and abundance of canals. DMZ players should be prepared to face volatile conditions as visibility may deteriorate within seconds. 

Phalanx: New Faction:

Warzone Season 4 DMZ
  • Station Chief Kate Laswell is conducting operations with Phalanx directly as she has an interest in the unknown faction that has invaded Vondel
  • Phalanx and Black Mous will collaborate on missions to gain intel and uncover the unknown force in Vondel 

Faction Reputation:

Warzone Season 4 DMZ

Faction Tiers are still a set of missions with a story mission towards the end. Season 04 will feature each story mission being unlocked when an operator has unlocked enough Faction Reputation.

Faction Reputation is earned by completing standard and urgent missions.


Warzone Season 4 DMZ

Faction Mission progress and DMZ inventory will be reset in Season 04 in order to bring the aforementioned updates and the new map.

With the reset:

  • Contraband Weapon Inventories will be rolled back to the starting weapons.
  • Key and Mission Inventories will be emptied.
  • Faction Missions and mission progress will be reset to make room for an updated mission set.

Your loot:

  • Insured Weapons Slots unlocked through previous Faction Mission progress will be reset for all-new ways to unlock these slots.
  • For clarity on any previous progress:
    • All previous mission and boss enemy rewards – for example previously acquired Weapons Case rewards – will not be reset, apart from Contraband and Keys.
    • Any earned Blueprint rewards unlocks will still be available in your Loadout select.

Well, that sums it up. Now you’re up to date with everything revealed by Infinity Ward for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and DMZ. However, towards the end of the blog post, the developer does tease that they have very exciting and “[REDACTED]” content planned for the future, so stay tuned for more updates!

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 (now Warzone) Season 04 goes live June 14 at 9am PT/12pm ET/12am HKT. Once the patch is live, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Call of Duty Blog

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