Activision Shuts Down Call of Duty Cheat Makers Mobius and GhostAim

For content creators (and gaming media), one of the most annoying things you’ll get from any video game company is a Cease & Desist letter that almost always you have to comply to lest you’re ready for a legal scrap. But there are some instances that these things are used for good, which is what happened recently, as Activision has served Cease & Desist letters to Call of Duty cheat makers.

The companies in question are Mobius and GhostAim. Here’s the message Mobius sent to members of their Discord recently about complying with Activision’s C&D.

Mobius, one of the largest cheat provider for MW2, just got hit. W Activision, for once.
by u/texzone in ModernWarfareII

GhostAim posted something similar as well:

Another Activision W, with provider Ghostaim shut down.
by u/Mewiee in ModernWarfareII

While there are a ton more cheat providers out there, every little bit helps in making the gaming space a fair and fun area. Let’s hope Activision continues with its attack against cheat providers.

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