Black Ops Cold War Exploits Acknowledged by Activision, Hacker Sent Cease & Desist

Black Ops Cold War Exploits

Last week, it was reported that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War exploits were plaguing the game with hackers being able to access a targeted player’s IP address.

While Activision hasn’t said anything about the hack, that changed today, as the company has finally acknowledged it and has mentioned that they were investigating the issue since last week.

This was announced via the official Call of Duty Updates Twitter account:

Also of note, the hacking tool provider named lergware has gotten a Cease & Desist letter from Activision, and they have decided to comply and will be shutting down their operation. The lergware Twitter account that made the statement has since been restricted from the platform but there is a screenshot of the announcement (via CharlieIntel):


This is definitely a good win not just for Activision but for the players too. Given how Activision has also just shut down two other Call of Duty cheat makers, it seems the company is bent on making the first-person shooter franchise free from hackers and cheaters.

Hopefully, the publisher doesn’t stop there and we get more cheat makers out of the Call of Duty pond.

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